We want every customer to be treated with dignity and kindness. One thing we would like our customers to understand is that we are all riders and horse lovers here. We very much value our customers however, we have quickly realized to much time spent on a customer whose intent is simply to be disagreeable or use us as an emotional outlet for other issues they are having is not something we will tolerate.

Our promise:

We promise to treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. If there is a conflict, we will do the best we can to resolve it. Please understand we can’t solve every problem and sometimes there are things that occur we just can’t fix, however, we do our best. That said there is never a reason for a customer to take a hostile position with any member of our staff.

If a customer exhibits behavior that is aggressive, demeaning, purposefully inaccurate, or engages in behavior that violates the privacy of any member of our staff, all communication will cease. We reserve the right to cancel any orders, refunds, or exchanges should a customer become abusive. Chances are, this does not apply to you, however if you are reading this because it was attached to an email customer service has responded to you with, it’s because you behavior is reaching a concerning and we want you to know our position on customer conduct. So please, be nice and respectful, most things can be resolved.

It’s very rare for us to have a difficult customer simply because we try so hard to make them happy. Thus, if a difficult customer no longer wishes to shop with us, we think that is best, they take away from the time we could be spending with customers who behave reasonably, and respect the customer/business relationship. We do reserve the right to refuse business, but really hope it does not come to that.

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