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English Tall Boots for sale for show and training in black, brown, navy or other colors as you choose. English leather riding boots, dressage tall boots, field boots, polo boots, and more for your equestrian needs. Dress boots, full laced riding boots, hunter boots, back zip riding boots, show boots, custom english riding boots and more.

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Tall horse english riding boots with fashion and style. Look elegant in the saddle with high quality english leather riding boots and english tall boots for training and show. Perfect for the english rider or the rider that prefers a bit more elegance to their ride. How to choose tall boots: First take your measurements. We recommend taking your riding boot measurements sitting down with your calf at a 90 degree angle to your thigh. It is best to take your measurements in your usual riding attire. For example if you normally ride in breeches and boot socks take this measurement in your favorite breeches. Make sure to allow a little bit of extra height for natural "drop" in your riding boots. Hunter and jumper riding boots have a bit more drop than dressage boots as dressage riding boots typically have a stiffer shaft than hunter boots. Consider the thickness and stiffness of the boots you are choosing when trying to decide how much drop to add. Generally 1.5" is a good amount of drop for most boots. Your preference may be more or less than this. English riding boots with shaped european tops may not need quite as much drop as they naturally come up higher. We recommend taking your boot measurements at the time of day when you usually ride and or also taking them in the morning and the evening as for some riders the body naturally retains more water and this can change your measurements. Make sure to measure both legs as it is common for each leg to have different measurements.