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    Pleased as punch!

    Both of my daughters ride (lucky me right?) and they are obsessed with this store. They have amazing prices and I have asked them do to all sorts of insane things and they do so joyfully and without complaint. I was really impressed with them when I asked them to delay a shipment so an item would not arrive until right before my daughter’s birthday. Not only did they do that, they remembered the matching wraps I forgot about. You guys are simply Amazing! 

    -Melanie K. / Austin, TX

    My favorite tack store.

    Discovered The Connected Rider four years ago after a terrible experience with another company. I keep coming back as they all ride and are so friendly. Very sweet people. 

    -Lindsey T / Salinas, CA

    Wonderful store!

    I am so happy with my purchase and how quickly it got to me, especially since it was a holiday weekend. The website was giving me some trouble when I checked out so I called the store and received above and beyond customer service. I love the brands The Connected Rider carries, will definitely order again! 

    -Store Response: We are just thrilled to have been able to help you and you are an absolute delight. In order to improve our checkout flow we made a small adjustment that may help it go a bit smoother next time. We really appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness in your feedback as it helps us improve and for that we simply can’t thank you enough. Five stars for this customer too! Hugs from Texas.

    -Chelsea K. / Winchester, VA

    Love these guys!

    Such a great selection and I love my new boots! Hats off to Roxi for her stellar customer service. 

    -Store Response:  You were so fun to work with. Give Mo some scratches for us.  All the best- The Connected Rider Team

    M. Montoya / San Antonio, TX
    Ritzy EQ Tie Dyed Crystal Stirrup Irons


    Placed my order and I think it went out within 2 days, delivered within a week of purchase. Good communication through email about order status and shipping updates! Bought the super cute rainbow-ish stirrups and they are awesome! Already placed a second order for a bridle when the big name stores cancelled my order because they sold me items they didn’t actually have in stock and can’t guarantee shipping by Christmas, even though I ordered in november. Will definitely be doing more of my equestrian shopping with you guys! 

    -Store Response:  You are why we love what we do. Appreciate your kindness so very much and trusting us with your business. All the best- The Connected Rider Team

    Private Name / San Antonio, TX

    Fast shipping!

    I love shopping with Connected Rider because they have so much of what I need and they ship quickly! Fast and complete 

    -Store Response:  You rock! Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer. You are incredibly sweet and we look forward to helping you in the future.  All the best- The Connected Rider Team

    Private Name / Ellensburg, WA

    Member and love it!

    I became a private member and love it. Personalized attention, no crowds, and brands no one else has. I love having things no one else can copy. 

    -Andrea S. / San Antonio, TX

    No complaints.

    I have dealt with some really awful and snobbish tack stores living here in Florida and really expected more of the same from a store that sells such cute European items. I found them very pleasant to work with and so down to earth. I just wish they offered everything free shipping. Otherwise it would be five stars. 

    -Diana W. / Houston, TX

    My client was awful to them.

    There is one at every barn and I referred a client to them who was just AWFUL to The Connected Rider team. Cussing at them, threatening them, all over a sales item that very clearly said it wasn’t eligible to be returned. Stores have policies and I don’t understand people who won’t read prior to purchase. I am leaving a five star review for your class in dealing with her. I have given her 30 days notice to leave my barn as this was just one more incident of embarrassment to add to the bad blood she has with others at this barn. I am very sorry to have referred her. Thank you for not judging the rest of us by her actions. 

    -Store Response: We appreciate your sentiment but this was not your fault. There are people in this world that think they can change policy simply by trying to force it. We believe in fairness and apply all policies uniformly. 99% of people read a return policy and accept the terms, that other 1% well, we can’t control what they do. We just try very hard to take care of the customers who deal fairly and cooperatively as you are the ones that deserve our attention and time. We appreciate your business so much and are always happy to have you and your students as patrons to our store. Hugs from Texas.

    Private Name / Chicago, IL

    Item out of Stock

    I know things sell out quickly during the holidays but it showed two left and it ran out when I stepped away from my computer for 15 minutes. Stock more items please! 

    Miranda P. / Baltimore, MD


    I came here to leave a great review and got completely side tracked by the most recent review about the dogs and the blanket. You have got to be kidding me. There are really people like this? My review is only being posted because this is a stellar store but someone really thinks a horse blanket won’t be destroyed by two dogs fighting over it? That is just ridiculous. Lady you were lucky they offered you anything. Accidents happen keep your blanket away from your dogs next time.

    -Jacob F. / Madison, WI

    More Plus Sizes

    First compliments for carrying PFIFF in 36 as they do fit me. But there are so few brands on your site that come in more than a 36. Come on ladies everyone isn’t a size 24! 

    -Cari M. / Atlanta, GA

    My boots <3

    Love my Pioneer boots and get so many compliments on them. Thank you for your great customer support.

    -Allison D. / Bridgeport, CT
    PFIFF Luxury Denim Breeches

    Happy camper

    love my new piff breeches, ty.

    -Charming V. / Santa Teresa, NM


    Pants run big and shirts run small. Can you please get them to standard normal ladies sizing? Very frustrating.

    Store Response: Yes, on the new collection we are noticing more consistent sizing. They have done an admirable job of correcting this for the United States market. Sometimes there are adjustments from european companies and we feel they were very receptive to feedback and have made the adjustments necessary. We are always here to answer questions prior to purchase if you need assistance.

    -Abigail N. / Las Vegas, NV

    Unbelievable attention to my order.

    I placed an order online and received a phone call a few hours later. Apparently, they had looked at my previous order history and noticed I always placed dressage pads as my order and wanted to make sure the All Purpose Pad in my order wasn’t an error. I guess I messed up so they swapped it to a dressage pad and still had it in three days even with my mistake. Who takes care of a customer like that these days? No one. Even if I hadn’t made the error, the fact they notice these things is incredible.

    Private Name / Bradenton, FL

    Michelle is the best!

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help fitting my gorgeous Pioneer boots. Not only are they exactly what I wanted the fit is perfect.

    Private Name / San Antonio, TX

    Lesson students tack shop.

    They literally create packages for your barn. Just ask them for their trainers entry level packages. Tell them what you want, they do a flyer and you give it to new students. Then your new students just select the package based on their budget and bam you are done. Saved me countless hours. 

    Private Name / San Antonio, TX

    Love my Horze Breeches

    Great selection and I love that you carry all my favorite brands. Makes it easy when shopping.

    -Jennifer S. / San Diego, CA

    Easy exchanges

    Easiest exchange process ever but they don’t take back sales items. Just know that when you buy. It doesn’t deter me from buying, just ask all the sizing questions upfront. Their chat staff is so good I feel like they really care and want to help. Online shopping can be tough with clothes and these guys really take the pain out of it.

    -Brandy K. / Bavaria, IL

    They have grown but still feel small.

    I have watched this company grow and as a fellow business owner understand size can lose that personal touch. They have done an excellent job of managing a volume business while still making every customer feel like a personal friend. The owner will not hesitate to jump on the phone, pack packages, or do what needs to be done. It’s this work ethic that resonates through the entire company and shows up as happy employees who clearly love what they do. It’s a pleasure shopping with you ladies.

    -Karl N. / Denver, CO

    Not one to leave reviews.

    Honestly, way to busy to do this but this was such a spectacular experience I just have to. Tracy went way above and beyond to help me. I ordered a pair of breeches from another store. Long story short they didn’t get my supposedly instock breeches in for THREE WEEKS. Two days before the show still no breeches. My trainer knows the owner of connected rider and so I called them having never heard of them. Much to my shock they are a very well respected company (my trainer swears by them). I was literally crying (I know an adult woman crying over no breeches) but they apologized for the other store even though the other store never did, and overnighted a pair of breeches for me to the show grounds. Mostly, Tracy just didn’t react to me because I wasn’t nice after my prior experience and just knew what to say. I found out later the owner started this company after another store failed her before a big show. Funny how that came full circle! Thanks again, we didn’t win but at least I had pants on. –

    Store Response: We were so happy to help you and just again, so sorry you had that experience with the other store. We would have given you the same level of attention even if your trainer wasn’t a personal friend. Just the right thing to do. Glad you had a good show anyway!

    Private Name / Paradise, CA

    This site is addictive…

    My bank account hates you, so does my husband. But I can’t stay away. Great products, great people. Love my new belt. Thank you sweeties! 

    Marcel F. / Bryan, TX
    Ritzy EQ Ariana Stirrup Leathers

    To my door in 2 days!

    REALLY #TCR? Even Amazon out here can’t do that. You are the best! 

    -Samantha K. / Philadelphia, PA
    Premier Equine Ronia Ladies Breeches

    More small sizes please.

    I absolutely adore this store but I can’t buy any of your breeches as they never come small enough. I need a size 20 and a 22 is the smallest you carry. I do buy your matchy sets but it’s really depressing when I can’t buy the matching breeches. 

    Francie S. / Macom, GA
    Horse Stone Stirrup Irons Blue


    Flawless order, no issues or complaints. Gracias! 

    -Han O. / Mexico City, MX

    Blankets don’t hold up.

    my two dogs got a hold of my new blanket if it can’t hold up to two dogs how is it going to hold up to a horse??? i admit you were polite i think you should have replaced it as it has only been 9 months.

    Store Response: We are sorry to hear that your two dogs tore up your horse blanket. As we explained on the phone a manufacturer warranty is provided under “normal use”. I am afraid we do not agree that two dogs in what you described as a more than a hour long tug of war session between a pit bull and another dog as normal use. (sorry didn’t catch the other dog breed before you hung up.) The blanket has held up for nine months without issue prior to the incident with your dogs so it did seem to be performing as expected. We have already offered to prorate a refund based on actual use and am very sorry we could not replace the entire blanket under these circumstances. I do hope you come to understand.

    Tamara L. / Cary, NC
    horse hydrator

    Hydra filter is great!

    Does what is says! Really does help Maggie drink better at the show.

    -Diana M. / Glendale, AZ

    One small thing.

    Please make your phone number on your site a bit easier to find.-Candy M. Phoenix, AZ

    -Candy M. / Phoenix, AZ


    Tired of the excuses and want my order refunded. I ordered a ****(redacted) trunk eight weeks ago and still no update on my order. I have called, emailed, and you even removed my message off Instagram. Never shopping with you again and will warn others.-Name excluded due to error. Review not meant for this store.

    Store Response: Yikes, that does sound like a terrible experience. I am sorry to hear another store has treated you in that manner. Unfortunately, you do have the wrong store as we don’t even sell ***(brand redacted) tack trunks. If there is something else we can help you with please let us know.

    OMG I am so sorry! Yes I ordered it from ****(redacted). I got the two stores confused. I just finished looking at your site and it’s so fun. Going to place an order for some breeches Funny how things work out. *** (redacted) should have you sell their trunks as you clearly better understand customer service. Please change my review to five stars. Sorry again!

    Private Name / Private Location

    More Reviews:

    We love our customers

    Excellent customer service!

    The exchange process was fast and I appreciated the assistance in determining the correct size for the replacement breeches. I love the Cavallino Marino Softshell Breeches and they fit perfectly. I will be cozy this Winter. Louise A. Hickory Corners, MI

    -Store Response:  We are so very lucky to have you as a great “custofriend”. I think I can speak for everyone here that you are an absolute joy and pick out the cutest items. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a kind review. All the best- The Connected Rider Team


    I have ordered from you several times. Cannot believe how quickly I receive my orders, and I have been pleased with the quality of each item I have received Anita M.-Billings, MO

    -Store Response:  Awww, thank you! You always order the cutest items and are just an A+++ customer. We feel so very honored to have you as a “custofriend”. All the best from Texas!


    This is my first ever review for anything! I have been ordering from you for a few years now and have always received great customer service. I have ordered items for both my horses and for myself. In this recent order, I especially love the fit, color and embellishments of the Lauria Garrelli breeches. Thank you!! Elizabeth S.-Chagrin Falls, OH

    -Store Response:  We are absolutely honored to be your first review; we are actually speechless at your sweet gesture, thank you so much. Honestly, the pleasure is all ours, you are an absolute sweet customer that is so easy to work with and very, very kind. We again appreciate your review and wish you all the best. Hugs from your friends here at The Connected Rider.


    I appreciated how soon my order arrived. The quality of the polo wraps is amazing, also the saddle pad, and it was a nice surprise to also receive a free one. Thank you.  Clare Ross -Battleground, IN

    -Store Response:  What a nice surprise! You surely selected some amazing items and we are so happy you are happy. It’s what we live for. P.S. You are the sweetest to take the time to write a review! Hugs from Texas.


    So happy to receive my new FITS riding pants!! Ordering from your site was easy and the delivery was quick. 
    I appreciate the fact that the packaging was not excessive, thus more eco-friendly. Also, getting a free saddle pad really sweetened the purchase. : ) Name excluded at customer request -Altadena, CA

    -Store Response:  You are so sweet and kind to take the time to leave such a kind review. We love FITS as well and so love that you do too! We take great pride in our environment as also use recycled boxes where we can as well so appreciate your recognition of this as well. Top “custofriend” right here! Hugs from Texas!


    I had never tried connected rider and ordered what are now my most favorite of all time breeches. I will be ordering more ASAP. -Dana D. Park City, UT

    -Store Response: You just rock! Really appreciate the feedback and you have great fashion sense as those are absolutely lovely breeches you picked out. Appreciate you taking the time to leave this kind review. A+++ customer!


    I was thrilled with the items I received in my recent order! In addition to very reasonably priced break-away halters for all my horses & ponies, I purchased a gift item for my Mom. The gift was a Dee Snaffle bit shoulder bag. I have purchased other horse-themed items as gifts in the past and have always been disappointed by the quality. This bag is lovely, and built to last. I kind of regret not getting a second one for myself because of the reasonable price! Maybe next time. Thanks for the quick service, even during a holiday week. -Ann R. Tyler, TX

    -Store Response: We really appreciate hearing how much you love your new bag and halters. We love hearing from our “custofriends” as your feedback helps us to know what we need to improve and what we are doing well on. The bag you purchased is absolutely darling and one of our favorites so you definitely have made a great choice! Thanks again for your sweet note fellow Texan 🙂


    I am super impressed with the responsiveness and willingness of this business. We had a couple hiccups and it was resolved in no time. The quality of the products are amazing and I am sure to be a repeat customer!  -Jen C. Buckeye, AZ

    -Store Response: Simply speechless. You are so very kind and so appreciate these kind words. You are truly an amazing woman with a ton of class. You inspire us. Hugs from Texas.

    Great Website With A Diverse Set of Great Brands !

    This website has a great variety of brands and some of the best prices! And shipping was fast too, I’m very happy with my purchases from here.  -Noelle K. Palatine, IL

    -Store Response: Aww! Yay! You are the best custofriend and we just adore you! So sweet of you to take the time Noelle. 🙂 Hugs from Texas.

    Five star all around!!!! 

    The connected rider has become my absolute most favorite place to shop. Not only do they have the most unique items but the most amazing customer service!!  -Katrina Union City, PA

    -Store Response: You know who is amazing? YOU! To take the time to leave this says volumes about your character and we just adore you so very much. You just made our day.  Hugs from Texas.

    Absolute “it” store right now. 

    This store is hot, hot, hot! Every page has unique items, and super trendy. Like a candy store for equestrians. Couple that with customer service that really knows what they are doing…ladies you are Aces. No wonder my friends are gaga over you; I completely get it now.  -Hannah J. San Diego, CA

    -Store Response: They are? We are? Who knew? All I know is you are one of the most fun riders I have had the pleasure of outfitting. It’s kind people like you that make every day here a blast. Really appreciate your review so much. Hugs from Texas.


    This may be the best review you ever read.

    My wife spoils every Christmas. She goes to great lengths looking at banking statements, credit card receipts, and she will even call stores and fake pretend she ordered something just to see if I did.

    She follows connectedrider on instagram and tagged me in enough things that I got the hint very clearly. However, I am a stubborn man and I was determined to actually surprise her for Christmas. So I called the store and spoke to a very nice woman, Michelle, who then transferred me to the store owner so we could get our plan together which included having it shipped to my office. My wife loves to call the stores. So I gave them her cell phone number, and her work numbers. I don’t know what they did on their end to pull this off but they did! All I know is she called just like she always does and when she asked about an order placed by me, they denied it existed. Apparently she got really mad, and assured them an order had been placed. Michelle said she tried so hard not to laugh as she would have been on to the scheme. My wife called three more times, getting more insistent each time she called. The end result was she was truly surprised. Once I told her what I had done she apologized to the store staff and they were as expected gracious.

    Store Response: That was the most fun I think we have had. She asked three times what was in the order too! We generally don’t like to trick our customers but it was in the Christmas spirit. We are glad she has forgiven our “evil plot” to save Christmas. So happy to help. In case you are wondering how we pulled it off. The owner taped this to everyone’s screen: “If a female calls in on order #***(redacted) deny the order exists. She may get upset but the husband would like her to be surprised as this is her Christmas gift. If you are able to successfully thwart her advances come see me for a piece of chocolate. Let’s keep it Merry!”

    Mike S. West Palm Beach, FL