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English Saddle Pads

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English Saddle Pads for your dressage horse or jumper in a wide variety of colors and styles. We specialize in matchy sets for your horse with high quality moisture absorbing liners and high tech shine fabrics. We love shine english saddle pads, shock absorbing half pads, and fun but functional saddle pads so you can enjoy your ride while also showing your equestrian flair. Fun saddle pads in prints with contrasting trim in a wide variety of colors. Looking for gel or memory foam saddle pads? We have those too. Our english horse saddle pads come in dressage cut or all purpose cut and also are available in pony and cob saddle pad sizes. Whether your horse is high withered and needs a wither relief saddle pad or prefers a tradition cut we have many english saddle pads to choose from.We often find saddle pads for hard to fit horses benefit from a half pad or gel saddle pad layered over a traditional saddle pad to be a great solution for many horses. Dressage saddle pads can vary in length both down the spine and in the drop, make sure to measure your existing well fitting saddle pad or measure the panel underneath your current saddle to help assist you with sizing. Remember a saddle pad should extend just in front of and just behind a minimum of two inches for good coverage. English saddle pads with billet keepers and girth keepers allow for extra stability. We carry a large selection of english saddle pads to balance fashion and functional fit.