Manufacturing Defect Claim

We sure hope this is not an issue for you but rest assured our brands stand behind their products. For products purchased within six months of purchase please follow the below:

  • Notify us of any obvious warranty or defect claims within seven days of receipt and return these items within 10 days of approval. Returns not submitted within the warranty period are not eligible for return. Sorry, No exceptions.
  • Manufacturer defect requests will be at the manufacturers discretion as to the validity of any claim. Non-safety issue defects: the item will be replaced or, repaired depending on the extent of the defect. We do not refund for defect claims unless the defect is apparent for all or majority of stock products. Defect claims for safety issues should discontinue use immediately. If an item is returned paid for us that is found not to be defective appropriate return shipping fees will be charged.
  • If requested a customer must cooperate with requests for photos or more information or a return request may be cancelled.
  • Submittal of this form does not mean we have asserted an item is defective, that determination will be made upon receipt of the item, or in some cases via photographic submission.
  • Normal wear and tear, abuse by horse or rider, damage, or lack of proper maintenance is not consistent with a defect claim and will not follow under this policy. In other words we do not cover items already damaged under a defect claim if the defect is secondary.  
  • All decisions about whether the product is defective are final and not subject to debate with the customer. We are a very fair organization and if in doubt will err on the side of the customer. Please note, we have been at this a very long time and can easily spot a manufacturer defect and have a streamlined process for identifying true defects in workmanship or materials. We use black light stamping on all of our items to identify ONLY those items that originated in our store. If your item is returned and does not have our stamp it will not be processed and will need to be returned at your expense. We do not exchange out another stores merchandise even if it’s the same item. For issues with another stores merchandise contact that store for help. By submitting the form below you do so with truth and actuality of facts or be subject to action under Texas Penal Code Title 7, Sec. 32.01.